Farrah-Hani Imran

Farrah-Hani Imran

Farrah-Hani Imran is the Head of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Burns Unit & Wound Care Team in the National University of Malaysia, and a final year PhD Scholar in the School of Medicine, University College Dublin.
Farrah represented Malaysia in Rhythmic Gymnastics from 1989 to 1994. During that time, she was Malaysian National Sportsgirl twice, Kuala Lumpur Sportsgirl and Malaysian National Sportwoman finalist. She was South-East Asian Champion for 4 years and 5-time Malaysian National Champion and Malaysian National School Sports Champion. She was the first Malaysian gymnast to represent Malaysia at the World Championships 1993 in Alicante, Spain. She was awarded a sports scholarship from the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports for A-levels in Cambridge and medicine in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).
In public service, she received the Rotary Club Award for Contribution to Society and McDonalds Youth Achievement Award. She voluntarily serves as Team Manager for the Malaysian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, and voluntary health educator with the UNHCR Health Unit in KL. She was also the first Malaysian to be awarded the Association of Graduates Medal in 2002 from RCSI, Her World Youth Woman of the Year in 2007 and the Constable Fellowship Ward from the American Association of Plastics Surgeons in 2011. In her free time, Farrah is a Medical Officer for Women’s Football/Soccer and volunteers her time as an invited motivational speaker/educator, championing mental health, women empowerment, ethics, principles and integrity.

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