For Black History Month we celebrate IWF Bahamas member Dr. Desiree Cox.

Dr. Cox is a Rhodes Scholar, medical doctor, scientist, published author and global thought-leader with 25+ years of experience in biomedical and regenerative health solutions.

She has earned degrees from McGill University (Canada), Oxford University (UK) and Cambridge University (UK). Dr. Cox was the first Bahamian and the first woman from the British Caribbean region to win a Rhodes Scholarship. In 2013, a special edition commemorative stamp was issued (by The Bahamas Government) in her honor for contributions to scholarship, creativity, and health.

Dr. Cox is the founder and CEO of HEALinc360. Since 2015, she has focused on regenerative health and spearheaded innovative scientific research platforms on cross-disciplinary regenerative biomedical modalities that support optimal health.

A true polymath, Dr. Cox has been recognized by the British Medical Journal as a “Renaissance Woman” for applying psychological medicine to real-world problems and was honored by Pembroke College, Oxford University, in 2017. She is also a leader in regenerative art, featured in over 25 exhibitions worldwide and in distinguished publications such as British Vogue and British House & Garden.

In 2019, she received the International Regenerative Medicine Action Award at the World Stem Cell Summit, held in Miami, Florida. Dr. Cox has published numerous articles in academic journals and has been a guest lecturer at several respected universities and institutions, such as Oxford University, La Sorbonne University (Paris, France), and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Dr. Cox was recently named CEO of the biotech start-up, BioPep, a European Wellness Biomedical Group subsidiary.

We are so proud to have Dr. Desiree Cox as a member of IWF. To take in some of Dr. Cox’s brilliance, please watch her presentation, The Importance of Creativity for Overall Health and Regeneration, from the IWF Wellness Retreat.