The Board of Directors and General Assembly of the Club de Madrid have unanimously decided to invite Allyson Maynard-Gibson QC to join the organization’s Advisory Committee and the group of international experts that support the development of its work. “Club de Madrid is the world’s largest forum of democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers, who leverage their individual and collective leadership experience and global reach to strengthen inclusive democratic practice and improve the well-being of people around the world.”

Maynard-Gibson advised that she is the first female in the Caribbean to serve on the Advisory Committee and said that with humility and gratitude, she accepted the honour to serve and be a regional voice in this esteemed and influential organization. She added,

“The pandemic and it’s fallout illustrate our interconnectedness. Climate change, democracy in the digital era, economic empowerment, and women in leadership are some of the pressing matters affecting the world economic order. I look forward to adding a regional perspective to these discussions.”