We are excited to highlight three innovators, instigators and disruptors within the IWF community during Ideas Remaking the World at the World Leadership Conference in Detroit: Mirei Endara de Heras, Beth Hedva, and Maribel Concepción Méndez de Lara. Register now to hear from these remarkable women as they present their cutting-edge ideas and innovations for building a better world.

Mirei Endara de Heras, IWF Panama

IWF Panama

Idea: Stop Trashing the Oceans

Plastic pollution is one of three global environmental crises, alongside climate change and biodiversity loss. As a global challenge, marine plastic pollution has affected 90% of marine species, and at this rate there will be more plastic than fish by 2050. Mirei will present a solution that has led to the collection of over 500 tons of plastic waste — a clean energy trash trapping and collection device called Wanda (Wheel and Action).

Beth Hedva

IWF Canada

Idea: Global Preparedness for Mass Trauma Recovery

After environmental and military crises, Beth Hedva believes that emotional and psychological support for people trapped in rapidly debilitating fear, loss and chaos needs to be as embedded for immediate activation as CPR is for medical response. She will present a 5-step integrative recovery protocol for emotional healing and culturally sensitive community renewal for mass trauma recovery.

Maribel Concepción Méndez de Lara

IWF Mexico

Idea: Access to Agrarian Justice for Women Who Live in Remote Areas

Many women from rural areas are expected to travel long distances to larger cities to seek justice. Maribel will present how agrarian courts solve this problem and make the exercise of the right to access justice and to effective judicial protection possible for people living in remote areas.