Abeer D. Ghaith

Dolores Fernández Löbbe

SVP Compras/Chief Merchandising Officer

Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica


Dolores Fernández Löbbe has been the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Walmart México since 2021, the year in which she arrived in Mexico (from Argentina) to lead the commercial team. Her 20-year professional career has focused on commercial areas within companies such as Esso, Banco Rio, McKinsey, and Falabella. 

Her current functions include developing business plans, providing strategic guidance, and contributing extensively to Walmart’s objectives of becoming an omnichannel leader in the retail industry. In her role, she has had the opportunity to lead and negotiate with thousands of suppliers across Mexico. 

Dolores joined Walmart Argentina in 2010 where she held different strategic positions including: General Merchandising Director; Director of Marketing, Strategy, and Electronic Commerce; Chief Merchandising Officer; and Country Manager. In 2019, she assumed the position of CEO at Walmart Argentina, consolidating the company as a profitable business and leader in the retail industry. 

Dolores actively participates within Walmart as a promoter of female talent, in mentoring circles, female development programs, and representing all international markets in the Global Council of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion of Walmart Inc. She is an ally of the social impact agenda being a Regeneration Champion for the company and sponsoring special programs like “Adopta una PYME”, which provides opportunities to develop and grow small and medium businesses, and The Small Farmers Program, which provides access and opportunity.  

She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Catholic University of Argentina. She has a specialization in Business Administration from the University of California Berkeley, as well as a master’s degree from the Harvard Business School. 


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