Step Up Today to Invest in the Future of IWF

In 1974, Elinor Guggenheimer, a philanthropist and civic leader in New York City, decided that professional women who were breaking into the executive ranks across all professions in the seventies needed what men had always had – a network to support, inspire, and help them climb the ladder. And the Women’s Forum was born.

Elinor GuggenheimerElly’s idea was powerful enough to travel the world, and today the International Women’s Forum is a global organization of more than 8,000 women in 33 countries worldwide. As we approach our 50th Anniversary in 2024, we are proud to be the only global women’s leadership organization with consecutive year-over-year growth.

The relevance of IWF is just as strong today as it was in 1974 – in profession after profession, the glass ceiling is still there. It’s just higher, and the value of peer-to-peer support from a global community of outstanding women leaders is simply unmeasurable. Women inspiring women never gets old.

Today, we need to invest in IWF for the next 50 years to increase our mission and member services – including new digital and communications resources to extend our community to new generations. And we need to raise funds to do so.

That’s why we are launching Elly’s Ladder – a five-year committed giving society to give us reliable support to make the necessary investments.

How Does Elly’s Ladder Work?

Members to pledge support for five successive years at one of three levels: 

Support Level Amounts:

Bronze Ladder

$1,000-$4,999 per year for a total pledge of $5,000-$24,995

Silver Ladder

$5,000-$9,999 per year for a total pledge of $25,000-$49,995

Gold Ladder

$10,000+ per year for a total pledge of $50,000+

How Will My Support Be Recognized?

Elly’s Ladder donors will receive special recognition in several ways, including:

  • Acknowledgment on the IWF member portal, IWF Connect, at conferences, and in printed materials.
  • Invitations to exclusive events and programs, including the Visionary Leaders Celebration, and
  • Access to priority registration for IWF Conferences.

Make a Donation

  • Simply select “Annually.”
  • Choose an amount.
  • Choose “Elly’s Ladder” from the designation dropdown.

Step Up to Elly’s Ladder and Help IWF Ascend into the Future

We are excited to announce the founding members of Elly’s Ladder and are grateful for their leadership and commitment to IWF and its mission.
If you have questions about Elly’s Ladder, please contact Rachel Yost at

Reem Abu Hassan
Cathy Allen
Jandel Allen-Davis
Dolores Fernandez Alonso
Kathleen Shea Anderson
Lauren Anderson
Dominique Anglade
Felice Axelrod
Terry Axelrod
Rebecca Barfknecht
Emily Berlin
Carmen Best
Rena Blades
Micheline Bouchard
Kathy Bremer
Heather Brilliant
Adriane M. Brown
Molly Burke
Nancy Burton
Esther L. Bush
Mary Ann Campbell
Holly Cannon
Karen Caplan
Magdalena Carral
Kathleen Carroll
Carolyn Carter
Carolyn Cassin
Irene Charnley
Kathy Checchi
Barrie Gibb Christman
Betty Chu
Linda Cohen

Paula Cox
Stacy Cross
Leslie Dashew
Patra De Silva
Priscilla H. Douglas
Robin Douthitt
Cathy Doyle
Ann M. Drake
Cynthia Eisenberg
Dolly Ellenberg
Julie Spicer England
Cindi Englefield
Patricia Estrada
Donna Every
Debra Facktor
Nolitha Fakude
Linda McFarland Farthing
Sandra C. Finn
Sarah Flanagan
Renee Fraser
Judith D. Fryer
Karina Funk
Carolina Gallo
Wei Gao
Allyson Maynard Gibson
Jane Blain Gilbertson
Jen Giovannitti
Marilyn Gist
Pamela Gleichman
Julie Goldstein
Sandy Gooch
Karen Gordon

Barbara Grogan
Nicole Grogan
Michele Hagans
Christine A. Hansen
Nerina Harley
Joanne Harrell
Karen Hayes
Adele Hayutin
Genevieve Hill
Debra Hill
Susan Hodkinson
Jodi Delahunt Hubbell
Sally Hughes
Diana Ingram
Ellen Jacobs
Kimberly Cooper Jaqua
Cheryl Jennings
Kathryn Johnson
Ruveni Kelleher
Lou C. Kerr
Mary Knell
Mary Kramer
Ronia Kruse
Claire Lachance
Joyce Landry
Nancy Laughton
Kathi Lentzsch
Anne Lewis
Danet Linares
LeeAnne B. Linderman
Elizabeth Lowrey
Susan Lubar

Cheryl Lubbert
Francoise Lyon
Jane Macon
Sheryl R. Marshall
Diane Medley
Denise Merle
Anne Minto
MaryLee Montague and Bruce Matthews
Patricia Mooradian
Debra Moritz
Beverly Morrow
Rosel Moxey
Susan Mucciarone
Ana Munoz
Miriam Muscarolas
Jocelyne Mwilu
Lisa Nassardeen-Buckley
Shirley Nelson
Kathy O’Driscoll
Elizabeth Oliver-Farrow
Elisabeth Ourliac
Joanie Parsons
Nancy Philippart
Becky Phillips
Barbara Pierce
Ellen Pikitch
Carrie Schwab Pomerantz
Brenda Pope
Sylvia Pozarnsky
Margo Provost
Leslie Quinton

Beryl Raff
Usha Raj
Pamela Rauch
Anne Marie Reidy
Drina Rendic
Alison Taunton Rigby
Amanda Rischbieth
Mary Jane Rynd
Robin Shapiro
Esther Silver-Parker
Carol Bolton Sisco
Andrea Roane Skehan
Patricia Smothers
Sandy Stash
Christine Steinberg
Belinda Stubblefield
Merideth Tall
Gayle Tauber
Van Ton-Quinlivan
Deborah Trudeau
Susana Vallarino
Gertrude Van Horn
Karilyn Van Oosten
Annika Jyllilä-vertigans
Carol Cox Wait
Teresa V-F Weintraub
Peri Widener
Marty Wikstrom
Doris Carson Williams
Tracey Wills
Joyce Winnecke
Lynne Wooldridge
Kathleen Duffy Ybarra