Abeer D. Ghaith

Farhat Asif

Founder and President

Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies


Dr. Farhat Asif is a distinguished international relations and diplomacy professional, bringing 15 years of expertise that encompasses research, writing, and scholarly publishing. Her insights into the dynamics of international relations, foreign policy intricacies, and the art of diplomatic networking have earned her acclaim from national and global quarters. Dr. Asif has spearheaded transformative initiatives in foreign policy, international relations, media, and public diplomacy, thereby fostering meaningful connections among diverse global communities.    

Dr. Asif founded and steers the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS), a think tank committed to advancing peace, security, and sustainable development. Under Dr. Asif’s leadership, the Institute has established dynamic research centers, including the Center for Women Peace and Leadership and the Emerging Young Women Leaders Congress. Dr. Asif also recently unveiled the Global Women Insight, an innovative digital platform spotlighting the contributions of women to global progress. Additionally, Dr. Asif oversees the influential publication, The Diplomatic Insight (TDI), and the Journal of Peace and Diplomacy, an annual research publication centered around security and foreign policy themes.  Her accolades include the prestigious N-Peace Award in 2017, conferred by the United Nations Development Programme Asia Pacific, the Government of Canada, and the Institute for Inclusive Security. Additionally, her exceptional contributions earned her the “Public Diplomat” Award bestowed by the Government of Uzbekistan.    

Dr. Asif earned a Ph.D. in Public Diplomacy from Quaid-I-Azam University, with a research focus encompassing foreign policy, international relations, security dynamics, and strategic studies, with specific emphasis on the South, Central Asia, and Eurasian regions. 


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