In the Lead

3 Useful Takeaways From the World Leadership Conference

This year’s World Leadership Conference examined many of the challenges and creative solutions shaping a bold new paradigm for the future. Our speakers and members shared a wealth of ideas and inspiration that will assist each of us in leading and accelerating...

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In the Lead: 3 Tips from a Champion

As a former professional tennis player and the first African American to lead the United States Tennis Association, Katrina Adams knows the importance of mindset and mental health in sports. In this blog post, she shares about the power of positive thinking, focusing...

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In the Lead: 3 Ways We Can All Defend Human Rights

We asked Alexandra Haas, Executive Director of Oxfam Mexico and an IWF Fellow, the following question: What are 3 ways we can all defend human rights? She simplifies the actions we can take by using 3 memorable words that make a big impact: Learn. Say. Do. Read more...

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