Latin American Women: Democracy & Society from a Gender Perspective


For the first time ever, IWF commissioned research as part of its programming. We are proud to present an analysis of public opinion research conducted by Latinobarometro over the last quarter century. This report is generously sponsored by Mary Kay. Consisting of 453,817 interviews in 18 Latin American countries, we can see trends in opinions, attitudes, and behavior by sex among the region’s 600 million adults.

Who is the “Latin American woman”? What does she have to say to us? How does she see society, the economy, politics, and values? What does the data tell us about gender equality/inequality and where it is going?

Not only does this report reveal the most important changes in the opinions, attitudes, and behaviors of Latin American women over the last 25 years, but it also looks at what is most interesting: the aspects that do not change.

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Executive Summary

The Economy and Expectations  •  Democracy  •  Politics  •  Trust  •  Democratic Guarantees  •  Public Policies  •  Values  •  Attitudes Towards Women  •  Inequality And Discrimination  •  Self-Identification Of Social Class

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