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Camille Mirshokrai

The Power of Connection by Camille Mirshokrai

In my role as Growth & Strategy lead for Growth Markets at Accenture, I have the privilege of meeting women around the world-women who are experienced leaders-and women who are developing leaders-most of whom are committed to seeing all women realize their full potential in society and business. And, as a board member of the International Women's Forum, I collaborate with like-minded women who have made it their vocation to live the IWF mission: to build better leadership around the world. Through all of my experiences-at Accenture-with the IWF-and beyond, I've witnessed the power of the multiplier effect. Most commonly, this term is applied to the world of economics to describe a chain reaction of activities that stimulate the economy. I extend the meaning of the multiplier effect to describe a series of activities and relationships-the undeniable power of connecting many intelligent, ambitious and committed women who collaborate toward a common goal...
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