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Acting on Our Mission

We Advance Women’s Leadership
in Three Ways

We advance women’s leadership through three streams of direct action: thought-provoking Leadership Conferences, unparalleled Leadership Development programs, and inspirational Leadership Showcases. These foster alliances, build leadership capacity, and support learning and growth at the highest levels.

Bringing Our Global Community Together

Our World Leadership and Cornerstone conferences feature networking opportunities and cutting-edge content essential to global leaders in a changing world. The world-class speakers rival those found at Davos and the Aspen Institute and help inform women leaders in their decision-making. Participants come away informed, inspired, and ready to lead change in the world.

Accelerating the next generation of women leaders

to transform the future


IWF develops leadership capacity through our Leadership Development initiatives, including our flagship Leadership Fellows Program, and Leadership Intensives for companies.

Leadership Fellows

For more than 30 years, the Leadership Fellows Program has accelerated the career path of high-performing women. The Program’s scope, rigor, and impact make it an unparalleled tool for career development and succession planning.

Leadership Intensives

IWF’s Leadership Intensives are an excellent way to supplement existing corporate training programs. Our program features IWF members sharing their extensive knowledge and expertise to help navigate diverse and complex business challenges and build leadership strength within an organization.

Showing the World What Women Leaders Can Do

We believe those who aspire must be inspired by the journey of others. Our Leadership Showcases shine a light on accomplished women leaders across nations, professions, and generations. The women we highlight in our awards programs—the International Hall of Fame, Ideas Remaking the World, and Women Who Make a Difference—contribute to change on both global and local levels, providing a window into the “art of the possible.”

Together, we build, create and transform our businesses, our society and our world.