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Shaping the future of women’s leadership

Empowering the next generation of women leaders

Women on a path to become tomorrow’s most talented leaders consistently face three key barriers that restrict their potential:

  • Limited access to business networks
  • Inadequate leadership training
  • Lack of mentors

IWF directly tackles these barriers and unlocks that potential through our Leadership Fellows Program and Leadership Intensives.

Leadership Fellows Program

The IWF’s Leadership Fellows Program has been accelerating women’s path to the C-suite and the top levels of all sectors, including those where women remain underrepresented. The Program, now in its 30th year, provides a unique development experience custom-built for women leaders 4-8 years away from the C-suite, or their industry equivalent. We offer:

Custom Curriculum

including an immersive 3-day orientation, a 4-day program at INSEAD, a weeklong experience at Harvard Business School, and virtual masterclasses with IWF thought leaders

Bespoke Mentoring

including best-in-class one-on-one mentoring with outstanding leaders specifically matched with Fellows based on their needs

Global Networking

including opportunities to network with members around the world, individually matched Mentors, and a powerful Fellows cohort of high achievers

Paying It Forward

including the opportunity to complete a legacy project designed to leverage the fellowship experience for greater impact in an area of importance to each Fellow

Leadership Intensives

Corporations seeking to grow their own leadership ranks require customized training programs focused on their specific needs without having to pull time away from their own executive ranks. IWF meets that challenge through our Leadership Intensives Program, featuring IWF members sharing their extensive knowledge and expertise to help navigate myriad business challenges and build leadership strength within a company.

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Tailored Content

Tailored programs feature IWF members sharing life and career experience on topics such as How to Evolve from Star Performer to Star Boss, and How to Self-Assess

Meeting Company Needs

IWF works with corporate HR to determine the optimal structure for greatest impact, including small group conversations with IWF leaders