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Ideas Remaking the World

IWF’s innovators, instigators and disruptors take on today’s problems with creative solutions

Ideas Remaking the World showcases compelling concepts, remarkable business propositions, and transformational technologies from IWF’s own innovators, instigators and disruptors. These remarkable women are meeting today’s problems with innovative solutions that are building a better world and better lives.

The ideas must address a critical global issue and/or have the potential to provide an important solution for a significant population. It must also be scalable and measurable.



Groundbreaking Ideas for Today and Tomorrow

woman speaker
IWF Idaho and IWF Oregon
Idea: Safe Cook Stoves
Woman Speaker at IWF Conference
IWF Panama
Idea: Re-engineering the Panama Canal

Innovation on the Global Stage

Our Ideas Remaking the World are as diverse and unique as our members themselves. Below find a sample of the innovative ideas presented at our recent conferences.

Plastics Pollution

Mirei Endara de Heras

  • Former Panamanian Minister of the Environment; Co-Founder and Executive Board Member of Asociacion Marea Verde Panama
  • IWF Panama
  • 2023

Rural Justice

Maribel Concepcion Mendez de Lara

  • Chief Justice of Mexico’s Superior Agrarian Court
  • IWF Mexico
  • 2023

Healing from Trauma

Beth Hedva

  • Co-Chair and Director of Training and Counselling for the Canadian Institute of Transpersonal and Integrative Sciences
  • IWF Canada
  • 2023

Police and Community

Carmen Best

  • Former Chief of Police — Seattle
  • IWF Washington State
  • 2022

Big Data and Women

Shari Graydon

  • Founder and Catalyst — Informed Opinions
  • IWF Canada
  • 2022

Mobile Literacy

Nanette Archer Svenson

  • Executive Director — Centro de Investigación Educativa de Panamá (CIEDU)
  • IWF Panama
  • 2021

Remaking Culture

Marina Salandy-Brown

  • Vice President, Managing Director, Founder — The Bocas Lit Fest
  • IWF Trinidad & Tobago
  • 2021

Digital Revolution

Jensine Larsen

  • Founder and CEO — World Pulse
  • IWF Oregon
  • 2021

Future-ready Leaders

Shimi Kang

  • Psychiatrist, Author, Researcher, Speaker
  • IWF Vancouver
  • 2020

Women and Science

Geraldine Richmond

  • Under Secretary for Science & Innovation — U.S. Dept. of Energy
  • IWF Oregon
  • 2020

Roots of Peace

Heidi Kuhn

  • Founder & CEO — Roots of Peace
  • IWF NorCal
  • 2020

Transforming Women Leaders

Patricia Foley Hinnen

  • Founder and CEO of Capital Sisters International
  • IWF Colorado
  • 2019

Safe Cook Stoves

Nancy Hughes

  • Founder — StoveTeam International
  • IWF Idaho and IWF Oregon
  • 2018

Clothing Manufacturing

Janice Wang

  • CEO — Alvanon
  • IWF Hong Kong
  • 2018

Feminine Hygiene and Rights

Rochelle Courtenay

  • Founder — Share the Dignity
  • IWF Australia
  • 2018

Art as Activism

Carole Feuerman

  • President — The Second LSC Ltd., Feuerman-Cohen LLC
  • Women’s Forum New York
  • 2017

The Panama Canal

Ilya Marotta

  • Deputy Administrator — Autoridad del Canal de Panamá
  • IWF Panama
  • 2017


Lia Grimanis

  • Founder — Up with Women
  • IWF Canada
  • 2017


Ellen Langer

  • Professor of Psychology — Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Women’s Forum
  • 2016

Disability Awareness

Susan Sygall

  • CEO and Co-Founder — Mobility International USA
  • IWF Oregon
  • 2016

Green Engineering

Vivian Manasc

  • Principal — Manasc Isaac Architects
  • IWF Canada
  • 2016